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Summer Energy Saving Tips

With the summer heat here, we’ve got some easy tips to help keep your energy bills lower.

  • Use your thermostat’s programmable settings. Even just setting your thermostat down for a few hours while you are away during the day can add up quickly!

  • Seal cracks and other openings to prevent warm air from leaking into your home. Even just simple caulk from the hardware store is a great fix for air seals around windows and doors.

  • Turn off fans when leaving rooms—remember, fans cool people not rooms!

  • Utilize the fan in your bathroom when taking showers to remove excess humidity from your home; humidity makes the air feel warmer.

  • Use the curtains or blinds in your home to block out sunshine during the hottest times of the day

And of course, ensure that you have your air conditioner serviced annually to check for wear and tear. We always recommend a service check once a year on your HVAC system to ensure everything is operating efficiently. It’s not too late to schedule! Call today and enjoy lower energy bills the rest of summer.

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